A downloadable game for Windows

Created for the GMTK Game Jam.

There is Only One Monster chasing you down, across the generations

There is Only One Level, persistent as each generation makes their attempt at freedom.

There is Only One Input, as you will only need your mouse.

Your goal is to escape. The world will remember what you have done.

Created by Eir Causey & Filip Basara.

Using third party assets:

Medieval Fantasy Knight by PO-Art
Mega Game Music Collection by MuzStation
Hand Painted Textures by LowlyPoly


GenerationsV1.2.zip 650 MB

Install instructions

If the game fails to play, please install the prerequisite Install found in:



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great concept, but need need more scenarios

Honestly felt intrigued by the idea at the first door (where i accidentally flipped the switch i wasn't supposed to)
but fluked rest of the run (from half way point) by going into the right path every single turn.

Wished there could be more misleading turns to get stuck in (i.e. trolls to remember)

or remember some patterns along the way

Monster's path finding must have costed you too much time i suppose? Good try on making path-finding in a game jam (i was too afraid to touch it during a jam)