Vertical Slice Updated, Full Development Started

Firstly the update:

* New Models and Size changes -

            The first version of this game was 1.9gb compressed, and therefore too large for without splitting into multiple files. This was almost entirely due to using Paragon Art Assets. The big push of this vertical slice update has been to replace all those models with a single customizable model. The tone of the setting has changed as a result, moving more into something inspired by Abe's Oddyssey. However, the download is now only 610mb, much more manageable.

* Controller support

            Due to time constraints on the original slice, Controller support was dropped due to the UI Framework not supporting it out of the box. In this update, Controller support has been addeded so the entire game can be played with controller. 

* Time Mechanic Removal

            A lot of feedback came about the Time Reset mechanic. After considering what is best for the game, this mechanic has been removed. You no longer reset to the begging of the level if you run out of time. Explore to your heart's content

* NVIDIA Ansel Support

            Surprisingly, unreal engine 4 support for Ansel is literally checking a box. Feel free to take screenshots as much as you like, or use the camera to explore areas and see how we made the game (sorry, no cheating when it comes to dialogue though)


Development is now underway towards the full game.

This will take a while, as the team on the project currently consists of a single person. Any donations towards the project will be used to purchase new art assets throughout the development cycle.

How will the game release?

ELA's Full game (title TBD) will be released episodically.

The first episode, consisting of the opening segment and region of the tower, will be free to download and play. Later episodes will require a small payment for access.

Enjoy, and best of luck in the Tower.

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Nov 09, 2018

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