ELA being Developed into a full Game

Firstly, a thank you to those of you who downloaded this early vertical slice.

ELA is back in development after two months of relocating. This original vertical slice was made using Epic Assets, including characters from Paragon. Unfortunately, Paragon assets are not well optimised. the seven characters used in this slice, bloated the compressed size to 2gb, where at least three quarters are the paragon characters.

The First stage of development  is to replace the paragon assets with better optimised ones, along with removing the time reset mechanic as it is no longer obligated to be there. The new vertical slice will be released as a single zip for people to download.

ELA (or it's new title) will be released as nine episodes across three acts. each act will be the equivalent of it's own game, but your choices will carry through the entire game. The first release of episode 1 will be free.

Thanks for reading.

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